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Crystal Palace vs Brighton

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello everyone,

Hope you all well.

On Saturday 9th of March 2019 I attended the Crystal Palace vs Brighton game it was a early match so it kicked off at 12.30. It was the first derby match I had attended. Palace and Brighton are massive rivals and most of the fans hate each other because of this there was police all around the stadium just in case anyone started a fight. I went with my mum, auntie Aggie and cousin Amy.

The game started at 12.30, it was a very windy afternoon and within a the first minute a Brighton player flew into a dirty challenge on Luka Milivojevic he was only awarded a yellow card but in my opinion he should have been sent off, this was the quickest yellow card given in the premier league since 2009. Luka got fouled several times after this but still managed to carry on. Palace had a few chances to score but none went in. In the 19th minute after a poor effort of defending from Tompkins he headed the ball into the path of Glenn Murray, he was then able to bury the ball into the bottom corner, it was now 1-0 to Brighton :(. Palace tried their hardest to get an equaliser before half time but were unsuccessful. A late piece of action came in the 45+2 minute when Tompkins was ‘nudged’ to the floor in the penalty box but nothing was awarded to palaces annoyance. Shortly after half time in the 49th minute Townsend was tripped up in the box this time Craig Pawson immediately points to the spot, our top goal scorer of this season Luka Milivojevic stepped up to take the penalty, he sends the goal keeper the wrong way and nets the ball down the right hand side. Palace were now level. For the next few minutes palace looked like they were going to score but we’re still unsuccessful. Palaces passing accuracy wasn’t the best and they kept giving the ball away too often. In the 74th minute Knockaert picked up the ball for Brighton and due to not being closed down properly by Patrick Van Annholt was able to cut inside and get his shot off curling the ball into the top corner, I must admit it was a very good goal, but also in my opinion Patrick Van Annholt needs to be dropped to the bench because he hasn’t been performing very well recently but the question is who do they bring in for him? The score was now 2-1 to Brighton. In the 86th minute Van Annholt went down injured but luckily after receiving some medical treatment he was able to carry on. In the 90+2 minute palace had their last chance of the game when a header falls down to a unmarked Schlupp but he stricks his half volley over the bar. The game was over and the final score was 2-1 to Brighton :(

Match stats:

  • Palace had a total of 62.8% possession, Brighton had 37.2%.

  • Palace had a total of 15 shots with only 3 on target.

  • Brighton had 4 shots with 3 on target.

  • Palace are now 15th in the table level on points with Brighton.

Due to the weather and my mum having to get home I wasn’t able to stay behind to didn’t see anybody after the game.

Thank you for reading

Ellie X


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