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Krept and Konan at the 02

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello everyone,

hope your all well.

On Thursday 5th of December I went to the 02 to see Krept and a Konan perform live during their ‘Revenge is sweet’ tour which is named after their new album. Krept and Konan are a Rap duo from South London (Croydon) which is where I’m from, so it was nice to finally to be able to see them live doing their own show. I booked the tickets quite late but when the day came it was very exciting. There was only 1 date of the tour happening this year due to one of the boys being injured in an incident. This meant they had to postpone most of the tour but thankfully the London date was not affected. I went to the concert with my PA Chanell and we had a really good night. We got to the 02 around 6.30pm and we parked about a 5 minute walk from the arena. My mum drove us there and went into the cinema while the show was on with my auntie and cousin, so we were about to park in the disabled event car park.

When we got into the arena we had to go and get our tickets scanned. This was where our escort was and she took us through a separate entrance so we didn’t have to walk in the crowds. When we first got in their our platform was closed but the show hadn’t started yet. We went into the disabled toilet but sadly there was no disabled adaptions other then a hand rail, the room was tiny and just about fitted my chair in, so it would be very hard for a disabled person to use in my opinion. We then went to the bar which led out the the floor of the 02 and because it wasn’t open there was no crowds yet. By the time we had finished all that our platform was open. Because we were the first ones there we got to chose where we sat. We sat the end closest to the stage and we had an amazing view.

Our platform was just above the standing section so we had no crowds which was good. We had our own waitress service where someone went to get any food or drink we wanted during the evening, this was helpful as we didn’t have to go into the crowd or miss anything.

The show started at 8pm and their first support out was a boy called Kiiko. He was the winner of Krept and Konan’s TV show ‘The Rap Game’ and therefore signed to their record label ‘Play Dirty’. This would have been his first major performance but it didn’t show and he did really well performing his new singles. He was out for about 20-30 minutes and he did really well to interact with the crowd. The next artist was K-Trap who is also a British rapper, he was on for about 20 minutes too. The penultimate act was Yungen who was probably the most well known of the support acts, he performed some of his best songs including his latest Miss Diva and Comfortable. Once he was finished there was about an hour break before the main boys came out.

They came out a little after schedule but I’m not too sure why this was. Their set was amazing it started with the cover of their album ‘Revenge is sweet’ which was like a old fashion sweet shop. There was also a little girl walking down the middle of the stage towards a button, when she pressed the button the show began.

They performed many of their songs, one of their first was one of their most popular ‘Don’t waste my time’. They had giant goat inflatables as ‘goat’ is a common abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time which Krept and Konan are. Their next song was Chop My Money which during the performance money which had Krept and Konan’s face printed on was raining from the ceiling.

Throughout the show at random moments the button that opened the show popped up for either Krept or Konan to press this then revealed a special guest who came out to perform with them. The first act to come out was MoStack and they performed ‘Cheating On Wifey’. After this there was a Boris Johnson lookalike on the main screens and they did one of his speeches, because some people (including the artists) didn’t agree with his promises they performed a very popular song called ‘Liar Liar’, Mostack was very good along with all of the other support acts.

Krept and Konan then performed some more of their own songs including Krept’s new freestyle ‘Morley’s Freestyle’. When they performed ‘Salaam’ their set went up into the air so they were floating over the crowd. The second act to be selected to come out and perform was Stefflon Don, I’ve seen her perform a few times at different events and she is really good live, they performed ‘London’ together.

They then performed one of their most popular songs ‘Freak of the week’, that was the song that helped get them where they are now. Their next guest was Big Shaq who started a rap battle between himself and Krept and Konan which was Afro beat vs Jamaican, this was very entertaining as they were pretending to ‘hate’ each other, but it ended with them all singing Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ to show that everyone is united. This then followed with Krept and Konan performing one of their new songs ‘G Love’.

Their next guest was NSG but because they don’t have a song with Krept and Konan they performed their most popular song ‘OT bop’ again I have seen them a few times at different events but there really good and bring a lot of energy to the show.

The button revealed the next guest to be another South London legend who goes by the name of Stormzy! They performed ‘Ask Flipz’ and together they were amazing. The following day Stormzy released tickets for his new tour I was lucky enough to get some so I will be returning to the 02 in September 2020 to see him live :)!

This was then immediately followed by another guest, this time it was Deno he performed a song called ‘Advice’ which was made by Cadet before he sadly passed away, so his performance was a tribute to him. Krept and Konan then went back onto the flying platform to perform their tribute song ‘Broski’ which was written in memory of Cadet and one of their close friends, during the performance they showed pictures of the audiences family member or friends who had passed away as a way of remembrance, this was a very sad part of the show but they did really well to carry on and perform the whole song.

Due to the show not starting till late they weren’t able to perform all the songs prepared, acts such as D Block Europe were set to come out but couldn’t this obviously couldn’t be helped and it wasn’t Krept and Konan’s fault. Their final song of the evening was one of their most recent popular songs ‘I SPY’ they bought out some of their ft’s of the song including Abra Cadabra.

That was the end of the evening and it was an amazing show. I honestly think it is the best ones I’ve been too. Before we left we realised that Kiiko (the first support act) was sitting behind us, my PA asked him for a picture with me and he was more then happy too.

We met my family outside and made our way back to the car it was very busy but we didn’t have that far to walk.

Thank you for reading sorry it’s so long 😬😂

Ellie X

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