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Tottenham vs Crystal Palace away

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi everybody

Hope you are all well

On Saturday 14th September i visited the new Tottenham Stadium in North London. This was my first away game of the season and my first time at the new Tottenham Stadium.

My Mum tried to reserve a parking space but because it was too short notice we were unable to get one so we left home 4 hours early to guarantee a space nearby. When we got there it was actually really easy to park. It also wasn't very far from their stadium.

When we arrived at the stadium we met up with one of my Mums friends and his little boy who are sadly Tottenham fans. Due to us supporting different teams it was really difficult to find somewhere we could all go to together. A security guard told us that if we went into our individual entrance we could meet up inside the stadium in a certain area but when we tried to do so, we were told the fans weren't allowed to mix.

To get to our entrance we had to walk down a long road which lead up to the stadium. Mum had previously booked my medical bags in so i could take them through. But this was very simple to do. So this meant when we arrived they just checked my bags and put special tags on them.

Due to Tottenham being such a big stadium we had to be checked by lots of security before entering. There was a lift outside which took us up to the main entrance of the stadium. The seats we had were behind the goal but slightly higher so we had a good view of the match. We actually got to our seats and hour and a half before the match so we saw the Crystal Palace players walk in to their changing room. My Mum was also able to get some food in this time from a food kiosk inside the stadium.

Just before the match started we spotted my younger cousin in the stadium (who sadly is also a Tottenham fan). He was sitting near the Palace fans in the executive area. My cousin managed to pick up a match day programme for me too as i wasn't able to get one on the way in.

Sadly the commentary i normally use to remind me of the key points of the game wasn't updated on the website and it is impossible for me to remember everything but here is a quick summary of the game.

The first goal went in in the 10th minute by Tottenham and then shorty after this followed their second and third goal which came in very quickly one after another in the 21st and 23rd minute. The fourth and final goal of the game for Tottenham came in the 42nd minute just before half time to break Palace fans hearts even more.

At half time the game was basically over and it was obvious Tottenham had all of the three points but we still continued to try our best.

In the second half the Palace players played slightly better but still weren't able to get a goal back. Our defence wasn't organised throughout the whole match so in my opinion lost us the game but we cant be too annoyed as it was against a top 3 contender team.

The final result was 4-0. even though the result didn't go our way the Palace fans did not stop cheering and singing throughout the whole match showing there support and dedication to the players. I'm not sure whether it was because i was sitting right up high so couldn't hear but the Tottenham fans seemed really quiet throughout the whole 90 minutes so most of the atmosphere was coming from the away end.

Match stats:

• Palace had a total of 34.7% possession, Tottenham had 65.3%

• Palace had a total of 5 shots with only 1 on target.

• Tottenham had 26 shots with 10 on target.

After the game myself and my Mum went to check out the disabled toilets to see how accessible they were and sadly we were only presented with a very basic toilet and the only adaptions that had been made we're handrails similar to Wembley. It barely has enough room for my chair so i couldn't turn around in the space (See picture below). I think this is especially bad as it is a brand new stadium so they should have thought about the access when planning the building.

All the staff around the stadium were really nice and helpful. Once we left the building we ended up walking around the whole of the stadium accidentally while trying to find where the players exit and we kept being sent in different directions. But when we finally found the place we realised there is actually nowhere too meet the players because they have an underground car park so it is only possible to see them drive out.

On our travels around the stadium we went passed the Tottenham store and i was surprised how different it is to the Palace store due to the amount of security they have just to get into the shop which included going through metal detectors.

The day had then ended and it wasn't the best if endings due to the score and then to top it off i had to last over an hour in the car with only 20% phone battery- Tragic! A quick stop off at McDonalds made a slighy improvement to the day.

I would definitely recommend going to the Tottenham Stadium as it is really nice venue.

Thank you for reading

Ellie XX

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