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Wireless Festival 2019

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello everyone, Hope your well On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th I attended Wireless festival which is a annual music festival held in Finsbury Park. I went to with my career Vicki on Saturday and my career Chanell on Sunday, it was a very good weekend out. Saturday - On the Saturday my Nan, Grandad and little cousin dropped us to Finsbury Park due to there be no parking near by, they were able to drop us off right next to the gate which was good we then had to walk about a mile to the actual disabled entrance. All the staff were really welcoming and helpful and made sure I had the best day. At the festival there was 2 stages, the main stage where the main/most popular artists performed and the Pepsi Max Stage where the upcoming artists performed, there were disabled platforms at both stages so I was able to see everything over the crowd. To get to each stage we had to go through the crowd some people were observant and moved so I could get through but other were just a bit arrogant but my careers just asked them too move. It was a sell out event so it was very busy. On the Saturday the artists I liked were Deno, DigDat, Yungen, Steel Banglez who bought out MoStack; Stefflon Don, Lotto Boys, Future who bought out several artists such as Krept and Konan, NSG and the headliner artist was Travis Scott. They were all on different stages but it ran smoothly with us moving from stage to stage. When we wanted to go to the bar there was a designated entrance for the disabled so I didn’t have to que and be in the crowd this was a lot easier and safer for myself and other disabled people. There was also some disabled toilets near the platforms which had a bed and hoist in this makes the day a lot easier for the disabled. The day ran really smoothly, towards the end of the evening it started to rain but it was kinda warm rain so we were fine. We decided to leave a bit early to attempt to beat the crowd it seemed like everyone had the same idea though, my nan and grandad was picking us up but the roads were closed so they couldn’t get near us we was expecting them to be able to get to where they dropped us off but they weren’t able to. Due to the huge crowd my Nan had to come and find us to take us to the car the roads and paths were full of people so it was very difficult to get through them, when we got to the road opposite the car there was no drop down curbs and there was so many people walking towards us, my Nan had to get a police officer to try and stop the crowd luckily there was a police horse so they helped me get over the road safely. We then had to drive home and we got in at 2am.

Sunday - On the Sunday we got dropped off to the same place but due to loads of traffic we missed the first artist which was Russ who is very famous for him song ‘Gun Lean’. Most of the artists were on the main stage apart from 1 so we were able to stay at the same platform for most of the day but when we did move it was easy enough to do. The performers on the Sunday I liked were Not3s, Gunna, AJ Tracey, Lil Baby and lastly J Hus who wasn’t named until the day before due to another artist having the pull out but he is my favourite rapper so I was very happy about that. All the performances I saw were very good and it was a very good day out. We decided to leave before the final artist came out who was Rae Sremmurd because we wanted to limit the amount of people we would have to go through and also it was starting to get a bit chilly, when we got to the gate we found out the whole park was on temporary lockdown due to there being loads of people without tickets trying to get in but the police sorted them out quickly so we didn’t have to wait long. Once we got out of the event it was a lot less stressful finding the car then it was the previous night, my mum managed to park just round the corner, we were actually parked on the same road J Hus parked his car so we saw the car but sadly not him. The drive home was a lot quicker and we got in at about 12pm.

Overall I had a very good weekend and I look forward to attending Wireless 2020 next year along with other events throughout the year. Thank you for reading Ellie x

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