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The Ends Festival

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi everyone,

Hope your all well

On Saturday 1st of June I attended ‘The Ends Festival’ which was a local festival and there was loads of well known artists performing there. I went with my carer Chanell and it was a good day out. They picked a good weekend to hold the event on as it 26 degrees. It was a weekend event but I only went on the Saturday. When we got there we picked up our tickets and went in. The whole place was accessible because it was held in a park so it was all flat on grass. We had a bit of problem getting on the main stage platform as we weren’t given the correct wristbands to gain access, this was sorted quickly by the staff who were very helpful and the rest ran smoothly. The disabled platform had a good view of the stage and it was above the crowd so I could see everything. There was a designated place at the bar for disabled to make it easier for wheelchair users.

The music started at 1pm but there was some artists I had never heard of but it was still a good atmosphere. When we got there we realised we had forgot my feeding tube so we had to get my mum to bring it up for us luckily the park was only 10 minutes away from my house so there was no problem, all the staff were again very helpful in making this possible. The first act to perform that I wanted to see was One Acen who performed on the second stage which was for the ‘ends and friends’ sadly there wasn’t a disabled platform so I could only see a bit of the stage. He was shortly followed by Kojo Funds who performed on the main stage I had a good view of this and he was a very good performer. There was also a third stage where the future stars could perform again there wasn't a platform but there wasn't many people there so the disabled could see, I thought this was a good way to promote the upcoming talent. There was then a big break when there was no one I knew so we went to get food during this time, there were many different food trucks around the park. The final act we wanted to see was NSG and they were the ones I was most looking forward to seeing and on there first song they bought Not3s out who is one of my favourite artists but they were on the second stage and because they are well known everyone went to watch them which mean I couldn’t see anything because there was no platform which was very annoying and due to this we decided to leave early cause there was no point staying, luckily there was a tram home shortly after so we didn’t have to wait long.

If there was to be another one next year I would definitely go because it was a good day out and it local to me so I had easy access. Hopefully they make that there is more then 1 disabled platform that is the only bad thing of the day.

Thank you for reading

Ellie X

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