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Crystal Palace Vs Manchester United

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello everyone,

Hope you are well.

On Wednesday 27th February 2019 I attended the Crystal Palace vs Manchester United match. It was an evening match so they didn't kick off until 8pm. We had to arrive a few hours early because Palace had arranged for me to have a private meet and greet with the players. We were only waiting for a short while before the players came out. We were only expecting to see a few players but the whole team including the manager stopped to sign my autograph book and take pictures of me with them. They were heading to their pre match interview so i am very grateful they managed to stop. I would personally like to thank all of those who were involved in making it possible for me and creating such special memories of the evening.

During the first few minutes both teams had a few chances to get a goal but none were successful. Throughout the whole match the Palace fans were electric and didn't stop cheering palace on. There was no major action until the 33rd minute when Lukaku separated the two sides and made it 1-0 to Manchester United. Unfortunately I missed the goal as somebody was standing in the way! Shortly after the half time break in the 52nd minute Lukaku doubled United's Score.

Palace tried their hardest to get a goal back but didn't manage it till the 66th minute, when Ward headed it in to the back of the net. Palace had a few chances after that but were unable to score.

The fourth and final goal came in the 83rd minute when Young rifled the ball into the net for Manchester united. Palace fans thought the team were coming back in the 95th minute after Milivojevic whipped a free kick into the box and the ball went over the line, but the Referee gave Manchester United a free kick after an "apparent" foul on the keeper. The final result was 3-1 to Manchester United.

Match stats:

  • Palace had a total of 45.5% possession, Manchester United had 54.5%.

  • Palace had a total of 17 shots with only 2 on target.

  • Manchester United had 13 shots with 4 on target.

Due to be it being a late match I was unable to stay behind but I had already seen the Crystal Palace players that evening as I mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading

Ellie X

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