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Crystal palace disabled facilities

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello everyone,

Hope your all well and Happy New Year!!

In this post i am going to be talking about my time at Crystal Palace so far. So i have supported Palace since a baby as my whole family support them. I went to my first match on October 14th 2017 against Chelsea which was when i fell in love with going to games. Within the last year the FA have introduced a new rule for all teams in the Premier League to make their grounds accessible for disabled fans. I was lucky enough to be invited down before the Chelsea match to try out Palace's new sensory room, i found that the room was very good and loved that they were making it easier for disabled people to attend there favourite football club's home games. The room was big enough for a wheelchair and had lights for children with autism to help them relax while watching Palace play on the TV. There is also another room, which has lights to help autistic or Sensory Impaired children to enjoy the game as much as possible. The room is upstairs and has a lovely view of the pitch, so is more for able bodied people. I would highly recommend trying either of the sensory rooms if you have a Sensory Impairments or struggle in loud places.

There is also 2 areas inside the stadium for disabled supporters one of which is on pitch side and has an amazing view of the game, this is where i sit.

Crystal Palace FC can not do enough for their disabled fans, every Christmas they host a party for all their disabled fans which the players and manager attend. It is really nice as they interact with everybody and give there time to everyone.

I love Palace and I only live 6 miles away from the stadium I attend every home game and after every game all the players are interactive and give their time to the fans. Everyone who works at palace are really welcoming, helpful and friendly. There is parking for disabled at the stadium so you haven't got to walk far. Inside the the stadium there are accessible toilets for both Home and Away supporters. Both the shops and bars are fully accessible too. If I was going to give one point about the disabled area it would be that the area I choose to sit in is not sheltered, hopefully that will change when we get our new stadium.

Pam Groves who deals with all the disabled people for at palace is excellent and I couldn’t ask for more helpful and better person in charge.

I would like to visit to as many Premier League clubs as possible to try out their disabled facilities and document on here my experiences, to help as many disabled football fans as i can.

I'm going to be writing regular blogs please check these out

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it

Ellie X

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