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My Powerchair Football journey

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi everyone,

Today i am going to be talking about my Powerchair football journey so far.

I started playing at my school in 2016 due to not being able to sit in a stardard chair i had to use my day chair which we attached a barrier onto for a while, this meant i couldn't play fully as my chair was a lot slower and less powerful then a football chair.

In early 2017 i was lucky enough to be given a Storm football chair which had a backrest that supported me, it was given to me by a ex-england player which i was extremely greatful for, this helped me to move forwards with my football and join in more. The week my chair arrived i was able to participate in my schools inter-house football which my team won. I continued to use this chair throughout the year then in late 2017 i was given the opportunity to join my local Powerchair Football team Sevenoaks PFC by doing this i met some some people who are now my really good friends. I trained with them throughout the summer then in september i joined the regional league with Sevenoaks development squad we had a very good season participating in 10 league games winning 3, drawing 3 and losing 4 game. We came 2nd in our league which means we have been promoted to from league 2 to league 1 which was a massive achievement for all of us. For my first season i managed to get lots of game time and scored 6 goals which i was very proud of. Towards the end of the season i was lucky enough to get the newest football chair Strike Force i wasn't able to play in it as it didn't arrive until the season ended. I am currently getting used to it now as its very different to my old chair, but it has given me so much more confidence as i am able to reach my full potential in it. I am now doing pre season and looking forward for next season to start.

Our club has a age range of 6 to 29 and we have a wide range of disabilities so whatever condition you have you can get involved in the sport. We do training on most Sundays.

If you would like any details about getting into Powerchair football feel free to DM me.

Thank you for reading

Ellie X

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