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Sidemen FC vs Youtube Allstars Charity Match

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi Everyone,

On Saturday 2nd of June i was lucky enough to go to the Sidemen vs Youtube Allstars charity football match at the Charlton football stadium, where they were raising money for 2 charites, Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Young Minds who help young people with mental health issues. I went with my Cousin Kendall, my mum and my auntie Louise, my friend Abbie also went as you will see in some of the pictures. We was all supporting Sidemen FC but i still love The Youtube Allstars players and was cheering them on too.

The sidemen have hosted 3 consecutive matches against the Youtube Allstars, in 2016 Sidemen FC won 7-2 but in 2017 The Youtube Allstars won 2-0 which means that this years winners will be taking home the trophy as this is the last match, they are not doing anymore matches.

When we got there our seats were messed up so we got to sit right next to the Sidemen FC Dugout which was very good as we got to meet all the players while they was a sub, they were all super super nice :).

The game kicked off at 4pm and within the 1st minute Sidemen were up 1-0 with an amazing goal from Simon Minter (7), he did the fortnite jubilation emote as his celebration. In the 9th minute KSI (6) scored a goal for the sidemen making it 2-0. That was all the goals for the first half, the second half was a lot more eventful. Once again within the 1st minute of the second half Simon Minter had scored for Sidemen FC. On the 56th minute a penalty was awarded to the Sidemen, after Manny (17) was fouled by Calfrezzy (17) Vikkstar 123 was the one who was chosen to take the pen, he stepped up to the penalty spot with a strange run and shot it down the right side sending the goalkeeper Hugh Wizzy (30) the wrong way, the stadium erupted and the Sidemen subs ran over to lift him up as it was Vik's first ever competitive goal. The next goal followed shortly after in the 59th minute as Simon Minter shot a long ball over Hugh Wizzy who was out field leaving the goal wide open for simon to shoot into and make it 5-0. Charlie Morley (1) Sidemen FC's goalkeeper made some amazing saves throughout the game but in the 64th minute he was beaten by Youtube allstars (captain) Chris MD (10) making it 5-1, could they be back in the game?..... No because in the 76th minute KSI (6) scored his second goal of the match, it was a really good team goal as Vikkstar (123) passed the ball in to Ricegum (69) then he passed it into the path of KSI who kicked it into the back of the net. Then in the 82nd minute Tobi (21) scored for Sidemen FC, Tobi ran over to the fans to celebrate then changed his shirt to one that had 'Manchester 22' in memory of everyone died in the manchester bombing in 2017 which i thought was really nice of him. That was it for Sidemen FC they had beaten the Youtube Allstars 7-1, well done to Sidemen as they had also won the cup.

After the match there was a ceremony where the Sidemen FC was awarded the cup. Once this was over the players gave there shirts to the fans, i was very lucky and Tobi came over and gave me his shirt and signed it for me i am still extremely happy and I've hung the shirt up in my room :). My Cousin also got Manny's shin pads which he also signed for him he was also very happy so thank you to Tobi and Manny for doing this.

My MOTM's would have been

Sidemen FC - Simon or Charlie

Youtube Allstars FC - Chris MD

The teams on the day were,

Sidemen FC The Youtube Allstars

7 Miniminter - Simon Minter (Captain) 10 Chris MD (Captain)

6 KSI 11 Callux

77 Wroetoshaw - Harry Lewis 15 Thatcher Joe - Joe Sugg

21 TBJZL - Tobi 44 Anesongib

15 Behzinga - Ethan Payne 0 King Bach

123 Vikkstar123 - Vik 161 Stephen Tries

4 Zerkaa - Josh Zerka 3 Mo Vlogs

17 Manny 7 DJ Mario

69 Ricegum - Bryan Le 17 Calfreezy

3 Faze Adapt - Alexander Hamilton 22 Jay Swingler

0 JME 8 Romell Henry

22 Keemstar 1 Comedy Shorts Gamer- Deji

8 Pointlessblog - Alfie Deyes 2 Willne

5 Lachlan 4 Rudy Mancuso

1 Charlie Morley (Goal Keeper) 30 Hugh Wizzy (Goal Keeper)

Here is a link to the just giving page - please donate any amount helps.

Thanks for reading

Ellie X

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