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What is a Sleep Study?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi Everyone

A few days ago i went to hospital for the night for my 6 monthy Sleep Study, I am going to be writing about what a Sleep Study is and what i do there.

What i do there

Me and my mum have to be at hospital at 4pm ready for the stay over, when we get there my nurse does my observations (Swabs, Temperature, Heart Rate, Weight, Height ect.). My mum and me then have to fill in some sheets answering some basic health questions, we then go to the restaurant so my mum can have some dinner and we also go to the shop in the hospital so i can get a magazine. When we go back to my room we just relax a bit i watch some youtube and read my magazine.

Then the doctor comes round asks some more question and examines me ready for the study. Recently I've started morning and evening Nebs so when the doctor went i had my Neb and Physio. I then watch more youtube and listen to music. When it was time to go to sleep my night nurse came in and put the sticker on where my Radius Bone is on both of my arms (Picture below) and attaches a sats prob to my toe to monitor my heart rate and oxygen levels.

When i am asleep the nurse comes in and squeezes a tiny bit of water in the middle of the sticker and attaches the wire (that is connected to the computer machine)that will be monitoring me then the study begins, Half way through the night the nurse comes in and swaps arms so disconnects the wire of my right arm and puts it on my right as there is a tiny possibility that it can burn your skin. There is also a camera that monitors me through the night so the doctor can watch it to see what happens when i sleep. In the morning when i wake the nurse comes in and disconnects all the wires off me and the study is then complete, i then wait for my discharge letter and the the nurse tells me and my mum how my night was and then we go home.

This is my arm with This is my arm with This is the machine This is me before bed

the sticker and the the sticker on it. that I'm connect to with my BiPAP on and

wire attached before and that monitors me. the sticker on my arm

the study. ready for the study.


What is a sleep study?

A sleep study is an overnight exam that allows doctors and nurses to monitor you while you sleep to see what's happening in your brain and body. The doctors will then know if i need any change to my treatment and machines. The study checks my oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate and any eye movements. You will need a sleep study if you have chest problems like Chronic Bronchitis, Scoliosis, Muscle Disorders etc.,your breathing may also become too shallow during your sleep. If this happens your carbon dioxide levels will rise and your oxygen levels fall. Also the sleep study will tell the doctor whether you need a ventilation machine (CPAP, BiPAP) like i do or oxygen to help balance your oxygen levels. Depending what hospital you go to you may be recorded by a camera so the doctors can watch it the following day to see whats happening when you sleep. People usually breathe in less deeply while you sleep so any problems with oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are more obvious during sleep.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my sleep study.

Thank you for reading

Ellie x`

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