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Magnetic Rods

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

my back X-ray from the front

I have scoliosis in my back which means my back isn't straight but in 2010 i had 2 magnetic rods put in place at Great Ormond Street Hospital (gosh) it has helped me a lot with my back as i used to have to wear a back brace which i hated but now i don't, Every 6 months i have to go to Stanmore Hospital to be stretched which means i have to lay down and have a magnetic machine on my back to be lengthened, it hurts a bit when it clicks and after my backs very stiff and sore. I also have to have a x-ray before and after its done. On the way home it hurts when my mum goes over the bumps so i have to have a lot of pain medicine.

my back X-ray from the front
my back X-ray from the left

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